State of the art Total Body Skin Cancer Monitoring & Skin Cancer Specialists

Our clinic boasts highly qualified doctors with expertise in diagnosing and treating skin cancer, including advanced knowledge in Our Total Body Skin Cancer Monitoring. With eight convenient locations across the Perth Metro area, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care.

How it Works

We strongly believe that people should not die or be hospitalised because of skin cancer. In this day and age, proper early diagnosis is available to everyone.

Initial Skin Cancer Screening

For new visitors to our Skin Cancer Clinics, we begin with a questionnaire to gather information about you. We’ll guide you through the screening process and address any queries you may have.

Evaluation and Further Diagnosis

Depending on your skin type, condition, and history you may be recommended a Total Body Skin Cancer Monitoring procedure.

Skin Cancer Treatment Plan

Based on the Doctors assessment they will recommend a course of action.

Skin Cancer is generally highly treatable providing it is detected early.

Make every effort to undergo routine, thorough skin cancer checks. We work hard to ensure that the screening and detection procedures are as convenient, comprehensive, and economical as possible.

Book a screening now! It only takes a minute to book at a location near you. The majority of the procedures will have an out-of-pocket cost. Our Total Body Skin Cancer Monitoring Service is priced at $210.00

Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing you have had the best skin screening service you can get. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure that any concerns are thoroughly scanned and mapped. Skin Cancer is generally highly treatable, provided it is detected early.

Our doctors are trained in the best practices for management of all types of Skin Cancer and our staff and nurses are passionate and proud of the valuable work they do. We run training programmes in Perth for other Clinicians because we want every GP Practice to be Skin Cancer aware by offering convenient, affordable screening, world class treatment and great training, we know we save lives.


Skin Checks


Skin Excisions


Body Mapping


Melanoma Detected

Concerned you may have skin cancer warning signs?

If you are concerned that you may have any skin cancer warning signs, we highly recommend seeing a GP Skin CO. doctor.